Project Title:

VINE&WINE RESIDUES: Unlimited resources of high-value polyphenols for application into Functional Foods


01/06/2016 – 31/05/2019

Principal Investigator

Fernando Pina


The Agro Food industry produces large amounts of agro-residues every year which represents a waste disposal problem. EU directives in the H2020 program for the MANAGEMENT OF AGRO-FOOD WASTES are: recycle, reuse and recover. Wine industry in Portugal is one of the most important activities contributing significantly to the national economy but several waste products are generated. However, many of the polyphenolic compounds found in original plant materials may still be recovered from pruning material, grape stems and grape pomace. The generated by-products are currently not properly taken care in environmentally and economic terms. So, a still inexistent waste management plan should be created in order to use those agricultural by-products. Bearing this, this research plan presents an INNOVATIVE APPROACH involving total and sequential extraction of different classes of POLYPHENOLS (anthocyanins, flavanols, stilbenes and lignins) from vineyard and winery residues knowing that flavonoids and stilbenes can be extracted from their sources using mild conditions and that of lignins uses more extreme methodologies. (…)This project will lead to the CONCEPTION OF NEW HEALTH-PROMOTING PRODUCTS based on the polyphenols obtained from different agro-residues and the creation of an ALTERNATIVE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE SELECTED AGRO-RESIDUES IN ENVIRONMENTALLY AND ECONOMICALLY TERMS. In case of success, the knowledge transfer from this research to the Industry is likely to have a profitable economic impact in the short term. This project is outlined aiming to strengthen the bonds between academic R&D and industrial technological applications.