UCIBIO’s key strength lies on its broad scope of fundamental and applied research standing at the interface of Chemistry and Biology to address pertinent questions at atomic, molecular, sub-cellular and cellular levels, including cell-to-cell interactions and population evolutionary dynamics.

Thematic Lines

• Biomolecular Interactions

• Drug Discovery

• Safety Assessment in Human & Environmental Health

• Molecular Diagnosis & Therapeutics

Research Groups

• Chem4Omics – Chemistry for imaging and proteomics & nano-proteomics for biomedicine.

• Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials – Materials and molecules for diagnostics and therapeutics.

• Structural Molecular Biology – Structure and function of proteins for environment, health and disease.

• Molecular Microbiology – Population and functional genomics. Bacterial epidemiology/ infection/ drug resistance.

• Theoretical & Computational Biochemistry – Quantum-mechanical methods, MD simulations, hybrid QM/MM.

• Toxicology – Mechanistic and analytical toxicology.

• Drugs Targets & Biomarkers – Biomarker identification/ biological evaluation of new drugs.

• Biomodels, Bioanalytics and Biophysics – Interactions of biomolecules/drugs/nanoparticles with lipid membranes.

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