• To promote scientific excellence and innovation in Functional Advanced Micro/NanoMaterials and Micro/Nanotechnologies, supported bycomputing.

• To remain at the international leading edge of research by fostering breakthroughs concepts and exploiting materials and device properties at nanoscale level.

• To promote practical application of R&D+i results, including the transfer to the industry.

• To provide access of the Institute facilities and equipment to the technical- scientific community.

• To train and to enable the continuous education of scientific (including MSc. and Ph.D students) and technical researchers.

• To foster public awareness, engagement and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering and technology.

Thematic Lines

• Micro/Nano Integration into Demonstrator Systems

• Theoretical and Computational Studies on Materials and Devices/SystemsBehaviour

• Advanced Micro/Nano Materials and Technologies

Research Groups

• Structural Materials

• Soft and biofunctional materials group

• Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies

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