Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This program was designed to all researchers who would like to find ways to commercially exploit scientific and technology results, in partnership with experienced partners. You can apply different technologies such as a process, software, formula, method and products, in the different fields of sciences and engineering.
IRIS team will explain and will be responsible to advise you concerning the confidential issues that you may have.
There is no limitation regarding the number of team members, however, during the screening this will be discussed with IRIS and Madan Parque.
This programme advises your technology(ies) and offers the opportunity for venture capital companies to invest, if there is interest from both parties. You may decide on the end of program that you do not wish to start a company. At any moment teams can withdraw from the program.
The external partners who can take part of this programme will invest if they consider that you have a unique solution to a valuable global problem ; if you need financial support and if you are looking for a partner with experience and a hands-on approach to help you in your venture.
Yes. In the expression of interest, you can identify more than one R&D Unit and Department.
No. During the preparation of the pitch we will address the Intellectual Property Strategy regarding your technology, and that will be part of your pitch.
Madan Parque as part of FCT NOVA’s ecosystem joint the R2Value initiative bringing their knowledge on business model design and at the end of the program, in case you decide to move on with your company, can help you in hosting your start-up at Madan Parque’s facilities.
The Advisory Board will mentor you during the creation of your own start-up, since it is composed of entrepreneurs that have created their own start-ups and spin-outs. They cover a wide range of scientific and industry fields, since a start-up in the digital field has specifies different from a start-up working in life and natural sciences. The Advisory Board will only be involved upon request of the team or when recommended by IRIS/Madan Parque in agreement with the team.