R2 Value

Welcome to R2 Value's 2022 Edition

Accelerating the path from science & technology to product-market fit in the Almada Innovation District

The teams have been selected, the show is about to start!

Kick-Off session's Programme: May, the 4th - 14h30

Event's location - DEMI - Laboratório da qualidade - piso 4

Interventions by:

Prof. António Grilo, NOVATechShip

Prof. João Carlos Lima, NOVA.ID.FCT

Juliana Monteiro, Diretora Executiva IRIS

Interventions by:

Armilar Ventures, Rodolfo Condessa

Frontier IP, Neil Crabb

Patentree, Anabela Carvalho

Faber, Rita Sousa

P-Bio, Simão Soares

ImpactLab, Ana Sofia Esteves

Madan Parque, Belma Rizvanovic

Dynamic powered by Madan Parque
Cookies and coffee or some water eventually.
Introduction of the contents of the programme by Pedro and Marta (IRIS)
Each team will briefly present their technologies

Short presentation to provide tools to each team to start working

IRIS will present the next steps for the teams
R2Value® 2022 is a NOVATECHSHIP® initiative, co-promoted by IRIS® & Madan Parque and NOVA.ID.FCT.