R2 Value

Welcome to R2 Value's 2022 Edition

Accelerating the path from science & technology to product-market fit in the Almada Innovation District

This year’s edition is complete! Our big thanks to our partners and congratulations to all the teams! Follow us to meet the technologies

R2-Value 2022 edition is over! After 4 and a half months of hard work, 4 teams presented their results with the roadmap of development of their technologies! IRIS congratulates Green Syngas from LAQV-REQUIMTE, SMSensor from UNIDEMI, Antiviral from Egas Moniz and SOAP from LAQV-REQUIMTE and Universitat de Barcelona!

All the teams will keep the support from IRIS and all the partners also offered a bank of hours of mentoring so the teams can count with further tips to move forward with the technology development.

Antiviral - Egas Moniz

Following the R2 Value 2022 Pitch session, even though all the teams will be rewarded with further mentoring from all our partners, one team was voted by the jury during the session as “the best pitch”, and so IRIS would like to present and congratulate the invited team from Egas Moniz Cooperativa de Ensino Superior led by Prof. Nuno Taveira, Inês Bartolo and Paloma Gonçalves with the technology entitled “Oral Inhaler for The treatment of respiratory Infections caused by RNA Viruses”, which delivers a “new approach to improve your health”.

Besides the abovementioned mentoring, they were also awarded with an exclusive experience provided by our partners from Armilar VP, represented in the event by Rodolfo Condessa and José Guerreiro de Sousa!

The R2 Value programme allowed the team to develop a strategy to take the technology (patented) from the current TRL3 to reach a TRL5.

R2Value 2022 Edition was developed under a copyright licence from EMPORIA4KT consortium. EMPORIA4KT has received funding from the European Union’s Interreg Atlantic Area programme through the European Regional Development Fund, project code: EAPA_842/2018.
R2Value® 2022 is a NOVATECHSHIP® initiative, co-promoted by IRIS® & Madan Parque and NOVA.ID.FCT.