Project Title:

PTNMR – Portuguese Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Network


01/06/2017 – 31/05/2020

Principal Investigator

Eurico Cabrita


PTNMR is a research infrastructure distributed over 4 regions (North, Center, Lisbon and Madeira) joining 9 academic institutions: FCT-UNL,ITQB-UNL,IST-UL,UC,UA,UP,UM,UBI and UMa, that provides a coordinated access to a platform of equipment, services and skills in NMR for the use of the scientific community, from the national and international R&D systems (industry and academia). PTNMR supports a wide range of R&D projects in priority domains from the national and regional R&I strategy for a smart specialization, either through provision of routine analytical services, scientific and technical assistance or by organizing and supporting training activities. The main goal of this project is to maintain and improve the facilities gathered in PTNMR by fixing specialized human resources, upgrading and acquiring new equipment to enhance the competitiveness of the national science and innovation, with a direct impact on the economic activity of the regions and the country.