Projects FCT

The Call for SR&TD Project Grants has 413 applications from FCT NOVA researchers. This corresponds to more than 7% of the 5,847 proposals submitted to the call. This sets a record, which shows the resilience of our researchers who were able to carry out their applications under unusual circumstances.

The FCT NOVA applications were submitted by 298 researchers. Therefore, 70% of these researchers took part in a single proposal, 22% in two proposals and 8% in three or more proposals. It must be noted that the applications were submitted by 168 women and 130 men, with women leading most project proposals, i.e. 216 out of 413 applications (52%).

It is worth noting that all our R&D Units submitted applications to this call for SR&TD Project Grants. The distribution by host institution of project proposals is as follows: 20 UNINOVA (5%), 104 FCT NOVA (25%), and 289 (70%). It is noteworthy that were written 300 applications in copromotion with other national institutions, exactly 133 as Principal Contractor and 167 as Participating Institution.

Regarding the distribution by scientific field, most applications are in the following areas: Biological Sciences (12%), Chemistry (10%), Science & Materials Engineering – Biomaterials (9%), and Chemical Engineering (5%). The remaining applications are spread, in lower percentages, over several scientific fields. This is due to the scope and the cross-cutting areas of science and technology of our R&D Units. These numbers prove the quality and multidisciplinary of our research teams. The die has been cast for this call with a budget allocation of 75 million euros, which corresponds to 300 projects funded for a success rate of 5.13%.