PATLIB Conference 2021

IRIS has been a PATLIB Centre (Patent information Centre) since 2005, being a part of an European Network of more than 300 members, that support the patent system at local level, contribute to its better understanding and help establish informed decisions on IP strategies.


Following 2019’s PATLIB Summit that resulted in the Porto Paper, EPO and PATLIB Centres have been working on PATLIB 2.0, that will set an improved way to help PATLIB Centres on one hand and their end users on the other hand, through better training, support and access to relevant events by providing an integrated tool to promote technology transfer and IP protection.


IRIS was present in this year’s PATLIB 2021 Conference and in the video above you’ll be able to see our very short presentation video (minute 4:25) among many others from other PATLIB centres (national and international) that also took part in the Conference.