Open call to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) launched a fast-track, single stage call to address the development of therapeutics and diagnostics to tackle current and future coronavirus outbreaks. The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared by WHO as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern according to the International Health Regulation. Proposals submitted under this topic are expected to advance the knowledge specifically on COVID-19 and more widely on the coronavirus family with the aim of contributing to an efficient patient management or public health preparedness and response to current and future outbreaks of coronavirus infection. Considering that this is a newly identified virus, the scope of this topic remains broad. Please note that preventive vaccines are specifically excluded from the scope of the call. Proposals must be timely, with rapid activation, to enable early and valuable outcomes to be established and should contribute to one or more of the following impacts. The deadline for applications to the IMI Call 21 is 17:00 on Tuesday 31st of March (Brussels local time). Click here to learn more about how to apply for this opportunity.