Project Title:

MedOOmics – Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Omics: profiling and fingerprinting


01/09/2016 – 31/08/2019

Principal Investigator

Marco Gomes da Silva


MedOOmics (Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Omics: profiling and fingerprinting) aims to profile and fingerprint monovarietal extra virgin olive oils made of the most typical varieties from different regions of four countries, addressing issues related to varietal and geographical traceability and authentication. The objectives can be summarized as 1) the establishment of chemical markers of geographical and varietal traceability and 2) establish a pattern comprising the “markers of authenticity” to be used in the identification of olive oil adulterations. The novelty of MedOOmics is based on an integrated approach, comprising a deep knowledge of some of the least studied olive oil varieties in the Mediterranean Basin. Altogether, this proposal will contribute to the implementation of a “MedOOmics database” comprising the chemical markers of varietal and geographical origin for the most relevant EVOOs from the Mediterranean countries encompassed in this work, which constitute a valuable tool in the field of “Food Authentication