Submit a Technology

You can communicate a technology/invention to IRIS at several stages of your research:

  • At the genesis of your idea, to get support on patent database prior art search, to get information on what is being made in your field of research, minimizing the risk of researching for answers that already exist or building up and innovate on top of such existing solutions.

  • At the R&D stage for advice to develop your research exploitation and dissemination plan, to find partners and to identify appropriate Funding Programs, and to build the project proposal.

  • At the R&D stage (during or after it is completed) as soon as you have developed a technology or process that you think may be protected by IP Rights.

How to communicate an Invention or Technology to IRIS?

The invention or technology submission process usually starts with an early contact with IRIS to discuss your technology and to provide guidance with respect to the disclosure, evaluation, and protection processes.

The disclosure formal process begins with a written notice of your technology, using a form provided by IRIS (Technology Disclosure Form – TDF).

This TDF remains a confidential document and should fully document your technology so that the options for legal protection and commercialization can be evaluated and pursued. It is not a contract – it is a guidance document used internally by IRIS and third party partners involved in the knowledge transfer process. It also contains IRIS Terms of Services and Personal Data Protection disclaimer, to which you should agree to before IRIS starts working.

Upon receiving the TDF, the Department of IP & TT will perform a double assessment of your technology:

  1. Protection of IP – Can it be protected by IP Rights and what is the best IP strategy of protection?

  2. This includes a patent database prior art search performed by IRIS with the close participation of the inventors

  3. Market Potential – Does the technology have potential to develop innovative products and services that can be commercialized?

  4. This includes a search performed by IRIS in terms of markets where the technology can be applied.

    Check the internal process of assessment in the Section Assessment of the Innovation Cycle.

    Contact IRIS to communicate your Invention or Technology to comply with your obligations under your Institution IP policy and get support in the evaluation, protection and commercialization of your technology.

    Get your Technology Disclosure most updated Form reaching out to IRIS.

Last updated in: 28/02/2021

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