Income from knowledge transfer activities can come in many forms:

a)    Contract research

b)    Services

c)    Consultancy

d)    Copyright royalties

e)    IP revenues (royalties etc)

The income distribution follows institutional rules.

In case of collaboration with Industry or public funded projects, the Institution applies a determined indirect costs fee according to the Financing Program rules and internal regulation.

IP income, on the other hand, follows a different institutional regulation, the IP Policy. So this internal regulation is the alpha and omega of IP management in Academic Institutions, dictating the rules for the establishment of collaborations, as well as the benefits that all parties involved have the right to receive.

This income will then be invested by the R&D institution in improvement the research infrastructures, qualification of human resources, or in knowledge transfer promoting activities, including research, to further strengthen the innovation role of the Academic Institution.

Last updated in: 28/02/2021

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