Impact Department

Rui Fernandes - Impact Manager

Rui Fernandes is the Impact Officer at IRIS. He is responsible for the local administration of the NOVA`s Current Research Information System - Pure – and supports the scientific community in the implementation of strategies for the visibility and impact of research carried out at FCT NOVA. Rui holds a degree in History and currently he is doing his Master Degree in Contemporany History.

TLM.: 927516202
Ext.: 12542

José Silva Lopes - Impact Manager

José António da Silva Lopes has a PhD in Chemical Engineering (NOVA School of Science and Technology) and currently works as a researcher in the Chemistry Department of this school in the research unit of LAQV@REQUIMTE (Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry). His research areas are in Education and Innovation (planning design and assessment in Doctoral Programs, complex systems in Education) and Green Engineering (green technologies design using innovation methods integrated with Green Engineering principles, remanufature coupled with reverse engineering and effectiveness measurement of Technology Transfer processes). He has worked 9 years as na educational manager and researcher in the MIT Portugal Program in Bioengineering Systems, has some previous experience working in a TTO, has been a Scientific Officer at LAQV@REQUIMTE and has already done applied research in a technological center with collaborative projects between academia and industry. He’s also a teacher in the Chemistry Department at 20%. His collaboration with IRIS is at 20%, working in scientometrics: data retrieval and analysis, utilization of basic or advanced metrics/indicators