Financial Lifecycle Department

Sara Almeida - Financial Lifecycle Manager

Sara is our Financial Advisor at Innovation, Research & Impact Strategy Office (IRIS), supporting the Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer Department and Bussiness Development & Funding Department. With a background in environmental sciences, Sara holds an MsC in Environmental Engineering (FCT NOVA) and a postgraduate degree in intellectual law (UL). She has worked as Head of International Funds and TT Liaison Officer at and has experience in national and international financial management (FCT,I.P, H2020, ERC, MSCA). Her consolidated knowledge of financial management allows her to support applications for funding programmes and for technology transfer and intellectual property, as well as to check the eligibility standards, procedures, budgeting, among others, which aims to minimize risks to the finance and the organization as a whole...

TLM.: 930609749
Ext.: 12534

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