IRIS Newsletter #41 – May 2023

Newsletter #41

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

Tech trends - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is clearly the hottest topic in 2023. Everyone talks about all sorts of applications for AI, whether for Large Language Models, image, video or music generators, but what it’s actually being patented and where? shared seven trends that have been growing exponentialy in the past 5 years.

And who are the big players currently leading patent applications in AI? United States of America, South Korea, Japan and China are, without surprise the countries that submit more applications, you can find the companies below.
For furthers details about these data, please follow –



Tallinn, Estonia – hybrid conference

11 and 12 May 2023

PATLIB is the annual conference of the PATLIB centres. This year the event is co-organised with the Estonian Patent Office and takes place in a hybrid format with limited on-site participation in Tallinn for PATLIB centres and national patent offices in the Baltic and Nordic states.

Search Matters 2023

Online conference for patent search professionals

23-25 May 2023

This year’s theme is “Searching for sustainability”. Find out more about the best search strategies for these fascinating technological areas in insightful lectures and interactive workshops.


The topic of the call is on “Renewable Energy: Ensuring a sustainable and fair transition”. 8 Postdoctoral researchers addressing issues geared towards building a more sustainable and inclusive route to Net-Zero by 2050 based on renewable energies will be supported, once selected by the AXA Research Fund Scientific Board at the end of the application process.

More information available on our website and in the attached Guidelines.

Host Institutions* can submit only one candidate** for the whole institution (and not one per department, faculty, or laboratory) and will have until May 15th, 2023 (4PM PARIS TIME) to express their interest.

The Horizon Results Platform partners are organizing events that may be of interest to your initiatives concerning market uptake. Please find a selection of pitch events below:

Date: May 22th

Biodiversity (World Biodiversity Day)

Looking for Solutions in Sustainable management of ecosystems; Productive and regenerative agriculture; Nature as infrastructure and planet-compatible cities; Nature-positive energy and extractives systems

Date: October 10th – 11th,

EBAN EAIS 2023 European Angel Investment Summit

EBAN annual conference, where early-stage investors, entrepreneurs and change-makers get together to fuel Europe’s growth


NOVA invites researchers to present the impact of their work and to show society the value of the funding that’s been applied in science.


Any researcher or professor from any organic unit can apply, as long as the submited work has a scientific base, with signficative impact associated.


The call is open from April 26th to June, 9th.


The five best narratives will be awarded with a prize money of 2.000€.


Elsevier Training and demo webinars

Effective literature search on Scopus and ScienceDirect – combining two high-quality sources for best results

Learn tips and tricks for doing literature search and discover how to do it efficiently in Scopus and ScienceDirect.

Date: 09/05/2023 – Time: 09h00

How to identify relevant topics and journals with Scopus and SciVal?

Tips on how to find relevant topic and journal with Scopus and SciVal and quick topics overview.

Date: 16/05/2023 – Time: 09h00

Elsevier Author workshop

Session to support authors (from beginners to more experienced) in how to publish scientific papers/books. You will have the opportunity to be (virtually) face to face with the experts from Elsevier publishing team. A unique opportunity!

Date: 30/05/2023 – Time: 09h00

How to assess your input into SDG?

During the webinar participants will learn how SDGs are presented in Elsevier analytical solutions and how this information could be used for further input assessment.

Date: 13/06/2023 – Time: 09h00