IRIS Newsletter 34 October 2022

Newsletter #34 October 2022

Business development and Funding

Meet IRIS’ support service to help you finding and writing your funding applications! Click each box to learn more!

Material bank:

Training materials for self-study; Proposal evaluation reports; Researcher profile examples; Slides for presenting the organization; Granted proposal and model texts; Evaluation matrix.

Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

R2-Value 2022 edition is over! After 4 and a half months of hard work, 4 teams presented their results with the roadmap of development of their technologies! IRIS congratulates Green Syngas from LAQV-REQUIMTE, SMSensor from UNIDEMI, Antiviral from Egas Moniz and SOAP from LAQV-REQUIMTE and Universitat de Barcelona!

All the teams will keep the support from IRIS and all the partners also offered a bank of hours of mentoring so the teams can count with further tips to move forward with the technology development.