Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Department

Marta Cerejo - Head of Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer Department

Marta is the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Officer, supporting and FCT NOVA scientific community in the valorization of knowledge and technology, acting at the interface between Industry and Academy, both in terms of Industrial Property protection and Technology Transfer. With a Biology background, Marta holds an MSc in Marine Coastal Sciences (UA) and a PhD in Bioengineering Systems from the MIT-PT PhD Program (NOVA). Previously she has been a researcher with a 12-year career dedicated to applied research in marine and health sciences and biotech, developed at national and international institutions, from the academy, public and private sectors. Taking advantage of her scientific knowledge, industry insights and training in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (INPI, EPO, IPR Helpdesk), Marta mediates the interface Academy-Industry.

TLM.: 930609611
Ext.: 15038