Innovation Research and Impact Strategy – IRIS


IRIS’s mission is to support the culture of research Excellence & innovation of the entire FCT NOVA community. IRIS empowers the whole innovation value chain from fundamental and applied research through participation in several funding programs, awards, grants, to the sustainable transfer of knowledge & technology, strengthening links to industry.


Pre-award: It includes support in building applications for the different existing national international funding mechanisms (please see scheme below: Pre-award – Procedures to follow). Also the disclosure of funding opportunities and the result analysis of the submitted applications are procedures conducted by IRIS. Also the contracting process is the responsibility of IRIS in close collaboration with the other necessary services such as legal support. In addition to the following services, there are also support in the management of research sensitive information (such as ethical issues and commitment to the Data Protection Regulation (RGPD)), publications under funded projects (comply with the Open Access policy under projects) between others.

Juliana Monteiro - Executive Director