Project Title:

Hyrax-CrowdSourcing de Dispositivos Móveis para o Desenvolvimento de Edge-Clouds


21/04/2014 – 20/04/2018

Principal Investigator NOVA.id.FCT/FCT-UNL:

Nuno Preguiça / Hervé Paulino


The Hyrax project proposes a novel vision of a hyperlocal edge-cloud, i.e., a computational/storage cloud comprised solely of a collection of nearby wireless edge devices, with the purpose of pooling these devices’ data and processing power to support a new class of proximity-aware applications that benefit the owners of these devices. (…) The goals involvean inter-disciplinary combination of addressing systems, algorithms, empirical evaluation and usability. (…) On the usability side, our goals are to deploy the Hyrax infrastructure into our three candidate applications, and to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the resulting new computation model on the users’ experience.