DOI attribution at NOVA

FCT NOVA has made available to the entire community, free of charge, a service for assigning persistent identifiers – DOI Service (Digital Object Identifier).

This initiative is the result of the contract signed between Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, IP, which joined the DataCite registration agency ( to offer the academic community a national service for assignment of DOI persistent identifiers.

Persistent identifiers, such as DOI, are a fundamental requirement for publications to have a permanent URL (i.e., always be “findable”); have SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or alternative metrics assigned on the NOVA Research Portal ( In addition, persistent identifiers help outputs, such as research data, meet the FAIR (Findable; Accessible; Interoperable; Reusable) requirements of various science funding agencies.

DOI is currently required by the FCT for scientific and expenses reporting.

For more information, see the support document.