Delays and rearrangements of the 2021 CALLS

The opening dates of the ERC Calls in 2021 will be delayed due to the late adoption of the EU Budget 2021-2027 and the Horizon Europe programme. However, it is yet to be decided if the Calls deadlines are maintained. Therefore, all potential applicants should know that the Calls are not going to open in early January and it is not certain that the deadlines will be changed accordingly or not. In this context, all potential applicants must plan their work assuming the existing deadlines.

Nevertheless, for the time being, the Proof of Concept grant scheme is not included in the Draft 2021 ERC Work Programme. The potential applicants should be aware that the Calls scheduled to open may be rescheduled or delayed. Additionally, some possible modifications to the calendar may be made by the Scientific Council.

For more information, please check the ERC Homepage.