Creating a budget

Did you have a conversation with a company to develop a software? To provide a service to apply your technology or knowledge? Were you invited for a seminar? Or eventually to provide consultancy for a court? Here’s what you should know when presenting the budget:

(1) Direct Expenses

For the direct expenses, you may consider:

    • Human resources;

    • Equipments;

    • Consumable;

    • Other expenses;

(2) What are “Overheads”?

An “overhead” is the destined amount to cover overall expenses of NOVA.ID’s structure that may be defined by the financial entity with a percentage of the direct expenses incurred or by NOVA.ID as a percentage of the income amount of the activities when they’re determined by themselves.

Why should I apply a Profit Margin?

You should always apply profit margin:

    • To ensure that the value of the provision of services does not violate market laws;

    • The amount will be available for the researcher to invest later, in accordance with the regulations in force.

How do I communicate a new activity / service providing?

To communicate the intention of a new activity or service providing, you’ll just need to fill a form with the basic information:

    • Who’s paying for it;
    • What are you going to do;
    • For how much;
    • What resources will you need;
    • Which are the Cost Centres you have available;
By clicking on the image on your left, it’ll take you to the tool created by NOVA.ID for the “activity development request” with some information and examples..The image on the right will show you the form.