Project Title:

CLIM2POWER – Translating climate data into power plants operational guidance


15/09/2017 – 14/09/2020

Principal Investigator

Sofia Simões


CLIM2POWER will develop a climate service that integrates seasonal weather forecasts into decision making in the electricity sector. The value of current and possible future seasonal forecasts for an improved management of power generation portfolios will be assessed. Cutting-edge seasonal forecasts, down-scaled and coupled with stochastic power system models, will be used to estimate the impact of seasonal weather conditions on renewable electricity generation and electricity and district heating demand. Optimal operation schedules for the electricity sector will be derived, such as optimal operation of hydro-storage and of fossil fuel acquisition, applying a set of existing bottom-up, technology rich power system models. The final climate service is going to be made available for the whole Europe, and it will be tested with four regional case studies in Portugal, France, Sweden and in the German-Austrian market zone. The climate service is developed together with important stakeholders from the sector in an iterative process and is made available as public web service online. Power generation & trading companies, power system operators & regulators, power consumers, and water managers are going to directly profit from the outcome of the project.