Project Title:

CERASAFE – Safe production and use of nanomaterials in the ceramic industry


18/01/2016 – 17/01/2019

Principal Investigator NOVA.id.FCT/FCT-UNL:

Rosa Miranda


CERASAFE is a pioneering European project suported by the SIINN ERA-NET. In the particular framework seven main partners, from different European research institutions, are participating and cooperating (CSIC – IDAEA, UL, Nova ID, UJI, BBU, INSA, ULCO).

Nowadays, in the aftermath of the nanotechnology breakthrough, we live in the era of nanotechnology application and commercialization. Ceramic nanomaterials (nanoceramics) are about to dominate the respective market due to their numerous and advantageous properties. Several industries have already incorporated within their production processes the manufacture of different types of ceramic nanoparticles, as well as the application of those nanomaterials on conventional products.

CERASAFE proposes an integrated approach to enviromental health and safety (EHS) in the ceramic industry. The aims of the project are:

  • to characterize release scenarios during industrial processes of the ceramic sector;
  • to assess exposure by addressing the release mechanisms and the toxicity;
  • to characterize the intentionally and unintentionally produced nanoparticles;
  • to propose mitigation measures in order to minimize exposure.

CERASAFE will also develop an online tool to discriminate engineered ceramic nanoparticles from background aerosols, innovating the field of characterization methods relevant to EHS issues. The project will establish a set of “Good Manufacturing and Use Practices” for nanoceramic materials. Results will be collected in a public database complemented with risk assesment and including recommendations for industry, users and stakeholders to ensure worker safety during ceramic nanomaterials manufacturing, application and processing.