AltaLuz – High Efficient Thin-film Tandem Solar Cells via Combined Materials and NanoPhotonic Light Trapping


01/05/2016 – 30/04/2019

Principal Investigator 

Rodrigo Ferrão Paiva Martins


ALTALUZ will develop a new tandem cell architecture consisting in stacking independently-connected cells in a double-junction. Such approach allows the subcells to be fabricated and optimized separately, and improved by the combined action of light scattering elements able to trap the light in their photoactive regions. Distinct types of PV materials and light management structures will be investigated, bringing together recent advances in TF PV, photonics and materials research, which should open the way for the production of low-cost cells with record efficiencies reaching 30%. All the proposed technologies have in common a better exploitation of the solar spectrum using inexpensive Earth-abundant materials, following approaches that are compatible with the mass-manufacturability requirements of present-day PV industry.